Got Math?

Do you need some help with math? Would you like a teacher, always available, to help with basic addition, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, even calculus?  How about a quick way to brush up on biology, chemistry and history too?  Sounds great, but this must cost a fortune, right?

No,  it’s all free. Yes, FREE.  No cost to you, beyond your time and effort.  If you haven’t heard of Khan Academy then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Khan Academy is an online math curriculum created by one man, Salman Khan. The site now has more than 2100 videos on every math topic from the most basic addition through advanced calculus.  More videos are added all the time, including ones on history, humanities and science.

You can watch the videos as you follow “the knowledge map”.  Doing lessons earns you “energy points” too!  There is even a helpful hint button for when you get stuck. You move along at your own pace, and you can review topics as often as you need to or move ahead to the topic on which you need to focus.  If you are a teacher or homeschooling parent you can also track learners’ progress using very impressive monitoring tools.

All four of our daughters use this site regularly, both as a review of learned topics and to investigate something new.  It can sure help a homeschooling parent who may have forgotten a topic or two over the years!

Watch Sal explain the history of the site and demonstrate how it all works:

This website can benefit everyone who wants a “world class education”. Whether you are in school, are home educated, a teacher, or a parent, a first time or a “first-in-a-long time” learner, I would recommend taking a look.

Learn more, watch his videos, or sign up for an account here:

The scope of what this one man has created over the span of just a few years is astounding.  He’s found a way to teach millions.  In Sal’s words, all you need to do is Watch, Practice and Learn.


Special note: A Google account is required to use the tools. The videos can be watched without one. Thanks to government regulations websites resist allowing children under 13 from creating accounts. If you want to create an account for your child to use, then their birthdate must show them to be at least 13.

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