Hop on ‘The Unschool Bus’

What would it be like to take a school bus, convert it into a home on wheels, and travel the country while unschooling your three teenage children?

Meet Jeff, Kelly, Wolfgang, Griffin, Xoey and the Unschool Bus blog.

We had the pleasure of meeting them at this year’s PorcFest.

Here’s a video of the bus itself:

If you don’t see the video above you can find it here.

In the last six months they’ve had quite a range of experiences. I would recommend reading Kelly’s post that describes the 99 things Halldorson children have done in the last six months. The post includes a beautiful summary of her philosophy on education:

“I believe what remains most important is to model kindness, compassion, truth, a thirst for information and connection with others, generosity, self-reliance and joy.”

One thing I appreciate about Kelly’s writings is that they are written from the point of view of ‘here’s what we do’ and ‘here’s what works for us’, not ‘this is the best way’ or ‘you should do this’. No preaching, just talking. A great example is her perspective on rules vs. principles.

I may not be ready to sell our home and travel around in a bus, yet, but I enjoy hearing about the different paths that others choose.


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